Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toddlers Who Will Capture Your Heart

Do you have a friend or family member who is a doll collector?  Maybe YOU!?

Is there a special child in your life who would cherish a pretty doll?

Plan now for your upcoming gifting needs.
Valentine's Day, Easter, and Birthdays are perfect occasions for gifting a doll.  

New inventory has been added to the Doll in the Looking Glass web site.
Lots of adorable expressions have been added to our Dress-Up Toddlers category.

Here is a preview of our newest expressions.
Visit the Dress-Up Toddlers page at Doll in the Looking Glass for more details.

You may be wondering why these dolls are called Dress-Up Toddlers.
Purchasing one of our Dress-Up Toddlers is a two step process:
  • First, select the facial expression that captures your heart.   We have a variety of eye colors, hair styles and hair colors in stock.  All of these dolls are photographed in a simple t-shirt so the doll's face and hair can be the initial focus.  Once you have found the baby or toddler expression that calls to you, you can move to the next step.
  • Second, (this is the Dress-Up part of the name) check our closet of clothing and choose an outfit that will accent your doll's unique personality.  You may want your doll dressed for a very special occasion and you will find clothing adorned with ruffles and lace.  Or, you may prefer every-day cute clothing styles with a contemporary flair.  You decide!   Your doll will be lovingly dressed and delivered to you.

Until next time -- live and love well,

This forum reveals random thoughts and reflections on topics of interest and events impacting the life of the founder of Doll in the Looking Glass. Our boutique specializes in custom designed dolls that look like your child. We also design toddler and baby dolls that look real using vinyl doll components manufactured in Midland, Michigan USA by Apple Valley Doll Works. The goal of Doll in the Looking Glass is to delight our customers with our creations.

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