Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ornamental Kale - Fall Landscape Star

Today as I was walking down the path to my front porch I was struck by the beauty of the Ornamental Kale plants.  Now that the crisp fall weather has arrived the magic and true beauty of the plant becomes evident.  All summer long it is basically ruffled green foliage.   It does look like a cabbage plant and people have been asking about it – thinking I planted vegetables between the flowers.  Why do I say magic?  The cooler temperatures change the center of the plant to shades of white, pink or purple.  And these plants are huge.  Each measure about 20-inches tall and the flower heads are about 16-inches wide.  The plants prefer full sun -- those receiving their preferred lighting stand proud and upright. Plants getting more shade tend to become lazy and rest their stems along the ground but are still very showy in this reclining position.

Ornamental Kale is easy to grow from seedlings planted in the Spring.  Adding Ornamental Kale to your garden will assure color in your landscape through the entire season.  Although these are annuals, their vivid colors will still be visible peeking beneath the early snowfalls.  But I am getting ahead of myself – it is just barely Fall and we have lots of nice weather ahead in Midland.

I hope you enjoy these plants as much as I do.

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