Friday, September 30, 2011

Introducing Bear-ry Holidays

Midland is dark and rainy today and the wind sock outside my window is spinning wildly.  Mother Nature is is giving a not so gentle reminder that the seasons are changing and cold weather preparations should begin. With that thought in mind, we have added a holiday doll to our Doll in the Looking Glass boutique. 

Bear-ry Holidays was created using Bailey, one of my personal favorite faces from Apple Valley Dolls.  She has a soulful expression and views the world through hazel eyes.  Light brown hair is styled in a simple bob with multi-color ribbons pulling her hair to one side.  This doll has a fully jointed 22-inch body with a light skin tone.

Bear-ry Holidays is wearing a pink jumper that features colorful applique of bears at play in winter.  This outfit is from a holiday collection of real children's wear.   Here is a close-up of the sweet applique.

Don't you know someone who would love to celebrate the winter season with Bear-ry Holidays?

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