Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Dolls That Look Real with Inner Glow

A new technique was introduced in Fall 2010 that brings a new level of realism and results in baby dolls that look real without the high cost associated with a reborn doll.  Inner Glow uses a specially formulated blue dye on the inside of extra-light semi-transparent vinyl.  The result is a natural skin tone that mimics the depth and richness of real skin.  This artistry is available on select expressions.

Doll in the Looking Glass currently has two babies available in our boutique that feature the life-like realism produced by the Inner Glow technique.  Little Miss is a 17-inch preemie and Cream and Honey is 19-inches.

Visit the Doll in the Looking Glass boutique for these and other toddler and baby dolls that look real.

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