Friday, October 21, 2011

Jack O'Lantern Ghost

This little fellow has been reading too many ghost stories.  Just look at the little boy's astonished face as he is surprised by the jack-o-lantern spirit.

Antique postcard from my personal collection.

Just take a golden pumpkin
 Of quite the largest size,
Cut all 'round the stem, just so,
 Scrape out the inside below,
And cut two holes for eyes.
 And now fix a nose beneath,
 And such a great big mouth with teeth,
 And you've a jack-o'-lantern!

Then fix a tallow candle,
Just big enough to light,
 And when it flickers, see him blink,
 And when it flares up, see him wink
 And smile so broad and bright.
 This is the jolliest sort of a fellow,
With cheery face so round and yellow,
 This funny jack-o'-lantern.

With thanks to Richard Anderson
 who posted this poem to his vintage Halloween poetry website.

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Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

It is nice to meet you, and thank you for your sweet comment! Your custom doll boutique is such a great place. I always dream to have a doll that looks like my kids, maybe someday I can own them. I'm your newest follower!

Bunny Jean said...

I just wanted to say thank you on your sweet comment about the Bunny Hop Party! You are always welcome to share whenever you want to :)

xoxo Bunny Jean
Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

xinex said...

Love the poem!...Christine

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, your custom doll boutique sounds purely amazing. I am your newest follower! Thank you SO much for coming to visit~

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