Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Day Proposal

Were you aware that Leap Day (February 29) was historically a day for marriage proposals?

In times when courtship traditions were stricter, it was the responsibility of the man to ask his sweetheart for her hand in marriage.  Unless the date was February 29…

That single day that only comes around every four years was set aside for women to take the initiative and propose marriage.  And, men were subject to a fine if they refused the proposal.  

Some 1912 postcards depict this day in a comical fashion.  Men went into hiding on February 29 and those women wishing to propose had to hunt for their man.

The legend goes back to 5th century Ireland.   St. Bridget interceded for women who were losing patience waiting for their suitor to propose.  St. Bridget made a deal with St. Patrick that gave women the privilege of proposing marriage only on February 29.  The thinking was that since Leap Day existed to fix a flaw in the calendar, the day could also be used to fix an unjust courtship ritual.

Antique Postcard from my Personal Collection
Copyright 1912 by E. Nash, L.Y.-2

Antique Postcard from my Personal Collection
Copyright in 1912 by E. Nash, L.Y.-2

Ladies, if you are waiting for the perfect opportunity to obtain a commitment from your man, you may want to follow a long-standing tradition and consider invoking your privilege on February 29.

Until next time, live and love well.

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