Monday, August 8, 2011


Exciting News!  The on-line Doll in the Looking Glass boutique is now open to assist you with your design of a collectible doll.  We invite you to visit our website to explore the custom doll services we provide.

Children grow up so quickly.  Capture the personality of your cherished toddler with a custom designed doll that looks like your cherished toddler.   Provide us with photographs and allow us to select a facial expression and hairstyle that resembles your child.  Doll in the Looking Glass uses vinyl doll components manufactured in the U.S.A. by Apple Valley Doll Works.  With 35 facial expressions, 6 eye colors and an endless variety of hairstyles available we can create a keepsake look-a-like doll that will reflect the special features of your toddler.   

You can view more samples on our website.  The Dolls that Look Like Your Child tab on our web page showcases these specialty dolls.
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