Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Take a few minutes to visit the Doll in the Looking Glass website and experience the simple elegance and functionality of the site that was created for us by Cottage Collections.  Cottage Collections delivered the most up-to-date technology while providing intuitive self-administration (with no special technical knowledge required by the client).  Cottage Collections wants their clients to succeed in their on-line endeavors and in addition to web programming they shared guidance on marketing techniques using social media vehicles as part of the site development.

Cottage Collections specializes in web design for women in business.  Anyone who is considering starting a web-based business should discuss their vision with Cottage Collections.  Like me, I'm sure you will be impressed with their expertise and caring, friendly support.  You can research their portfolio of services at

A heartfelt "Thank You" is extended to Joyce, Katie and Thomas for assistance in making my dream of an on-line custom doll boutique a reality!

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