Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Toys

You can't think of Christmas without thinking of toys.  No, not all of the electronic, high tech goodies available today.  I'm thinking of the old fashioned kind -- things that children (and adults) have enjoyed throughout history.

If you have ever watched a production of the Nutcracker Ballet, you know that Clara is given a nutcracker as a gift and dreams that the soldier nutcracker becomes real.   Many nutcrackers are depicted as soldiers.   However, the nutcrackers who stand guard at the base of our stairway are not in this traditional image.

Here is a close up photo
of the two stairway sentries who greet visitors to our home.

The nutcracker on the right is an image of the composer Tchaikovski.  Dressed in a blue velvet cape, maroon vest and fur hat, he holds his baton high to summon the start of the music for the ballet.  He is accompanied by a pink-eared mouse and two other characters from the story.

The nutcracker on the left depicts Ebenezer Scrooge.  He is all business with his spectacles, briefcase and account ledger.   But in recognition of the softer side that Scrooge will display after visits from the Christmas ghosts, his dapper bow tie is made from fabric with a colorful parrot motif.

The chair near the fireplace in our family room is the perfect resting spot for a soft fuzzy ball of white fur.  This teddy bear is appropriately named Fluff.

Fluff introduces a snowman theme into this room.  He holds a small pillow.  Although you cannot read the writing at the bottom of the pillow in this picture, it is captioned, The Coolest Guys Around.

Another area of the room displays a sleigh with three bears as passengers.

You have seen my "seasonal" doll before.  She always dresses for the occasion.  Her Christmas dress is made of sheer fabric with delicate snowmen.  Of course, she carries a glittery snowman to continue the theme.

There is one more doll on display that is the guardian angel of our Christmas tree.  She was received as a gift from family friends a number of years ago.  She is a Zapf Creation, a European manufacturer of dolls.  It would not be Christmas at our home without this angel standing near the tree.

Thank you for visiting.  Wishing each of you a Happy Holiday!

Joining the fun at Bunny Jean's Bunny Hop party!

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Bunny Jean said...

You little baby dolls dress is so cute with those little snowmen all over it. I see that you also like to use blue at Christmas time.

Thanks for joining my Bunny Hop!

xoxo Bunny Jean
Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

I love the use of blue at Christmas. And your dolls are just beautiful!

Linda said...

Thanks for the lovely compliment.
Your dolls are too cute.

xinex said...

I love your baby dolls! I collect dolls too but I love how you incorporate them into your seasonal decor. Love the nutcrackers, so unusual. I am glad you like the painting on the easel in my mom's room cause I painted it myself...Christine

Toni said...

Your staircase is decorated beautifully. Love your nutcrackers. And that baby doll dress is so sweet. I am in love with that postcard from your last post.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I am a new follower.

Sue said...

Oh I can remember when all I wanted for Christmas were dolls!! Love your very unique nutcrackers- when I was little- they scared me to death! LOL Thanks for coming by for a visit from Bunny Jean's party! Merry, Merry!
~ Sue

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
I love your little baby dolls so sweet by your Christmas Tree.. I need to add my dolls to the tree also.Your are just Beautiful.

I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
XXOO Diane

dtbrents said...

I love your Christmas toys. You have decorated beautifully. I'm a new follower from Bunny Hop.

Kathe said...

Your decor is so lovely and warm. I love your nutcrackers. The dress is too precious. Thank you for your sweet comments. I have saved a place at the table for you :)

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